I started running back in the early 2000s. Nothing serious. Just a couple of times per month at the beginning. At some point it became a thing I was doing regularly and I even ran some half marathons. But for some reason, every year I stop running between january and april. Starting again is then always a chore. Getting harder and harder every year. Maybe age related, maybe a kind of re-starting fatigue. I don’t know, but I keep doing it. This year, I’ve started running in barefoot shoes. I’ve read, this should be adapted gradually. Obviously, I’m not that type of person. I’m stupid but lucky and managed to stay without injuries for now. Interestingly tho, I’ve usually start my running season with knee pain. Intensity depends on the shoes. I have better experience with Nike and Brooks than with Adidas. With barefoot, I’m still free of pain. Let’s see how it continues.