Maybe I Should Start Coding Again

I haven’t coded much in my curent “carreer”, but I still like coding. These days I’m playing around with Rust and Go while teaching my kids Python. Actually, I’m having so much fun, that I’m considering starting to code full time again. Also, because I’m really tired of the whole Agile drama. But, there is a catch. Back in my previous career I codeded in java, c#, php, python, ASP, VB, and perl just to name a few. Not to mention html, css and yes, javascript. Javascript the zoo of ideas: Anyone remember the pre AJAX days, yui,, jquery, ActionScript, ember, backbones, knockout, meteor, hapi and the million other hot projects of the day? Back then it was already hard to keep up with all that, but I have a feeling, things got even worse now. Does anyone remember developing webapps for NS4 and IE6? Not a thing these days. There was a time in my life where I spend so much time getting things to work and look similar in both browsers, that I it was the only thing I could talk about. Eventually, I got really really good at it, and now? All that knowledge, is basically worthless. Starting from scratch and the mountain to climb has only been growing bigger. This is going to be interesting.

Update: Do you want to have some fun and delve in nostalgia? The Visonary CTO Matt Watson has a nice post. My 20 year career is technical debt