My Setup


I currently use an Apple MacBookPro 14" M1 Pro 64GB with 2TB storage combined with a Framework 13" Gen12 Intel xxx 64GB and 2TB storage running Fedora Sericea. I’m transitioning to using the terminal more than the GUI. This helps me to switch seamslessly between devices, and also lets me focus on the my tasks. It has the nice sideeffect of increasing the battery life drastically.

The reason for using two devices is my quest for leaving the Apple ecosystem. I’ve been using Apple products since 2007 when I got tired of driver issues on my windows laptop. It was one of those days when I had to decide to spend hours fixing a misbehaving 3G dongle or simply reinstall the OS, knowing it would just work afterwards. I was so tired of this repeating situation, that I decided to do with a different and reckless approach. I closed the laptop, went to a store and picked up whatever 15" MacBookPro they had in stock. Went back home, booted, completed the setup, inserted the 3G dongle and it simply worked. Happy with that success, I started diving into the new system and the experience was so much better than windows, that I was sad, whenever I had to use Windows devices in the corporate world because it was holding me back.